Fresh Frozen Foods was founded in Jefferson, Georgia in 1975. We got our start by delivering the finest frozen vegetables and fruits to local customers in clear poly bags. These clear bags allowed customers to see what they were buying and became our signature package. The idea: keep the label simple, show the consumer the product, and the quality of our fruits and vegetables sell themselves. As the company grew, Fresh Frozen developed relationships with suppliers that consistently provide, year in and year out, top quality products.With a selection of over 60 different frozen vegetables, fruits, and biscuit products, our variety of products make excellent visual displays. We ship our vegetables, fruits, and biscuits to retail outlets throughout the Southeast U.S. and the Carribean Islands. With an extensive list of offerings we are equipped to meet food service, industrial and retail needs.

Fresh Frozen Foods is a full service processor and supplier of over 60 varieties of IQF fruits and vegetables. Our processing facility located in Thomasville, Georgia enables us to serve industrial or food service customers throughout the U.S. with bulk package product in an efficient, cost effective manner. Some of the items that we specifically process in bulk pack are celery, carrots, squash, zucchini, and several varieties of southern peas. We also have the capability to package product in a variety of poly bag sizes in our facility in Jefferson, Georgia. The Industrial sales division is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and product to our customer. The unique geographic location of our processing facility allows us to have two processing seasons on many vegetables to supply product year round.

For more information please email WeCare@freshfrozenfoods.com.